On Friday, November 6 at 5pm, Adolfo Llauradó at La Habana saloon was once again the scene of the work “RASCACIELOS”. This function, the number 77, had the distinguished presence of Mr. Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the United States Ambassador at Cuba, as well as an extensive representation of the diplomatic mission in Havana.

Important guests from other embassies such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Spain, Greece and friends of the piece wore the cast in this historic presentation for the Cuban theater as this is the first occasion in which a 100% Cuban resident cast on the island, presented a play entirely in English.

RASCACIELOS Will open next January the Key West Theater theatrical season in Florida as part of the cultural exchange sponsored by the ONE RACE project, sponsored by Mrs. Nance Frank and hosted by theater director Michael Marrero.

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